Sound healing and immersive wellness experiences.

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 Join us in Manhattan on Saturday April 7, 6-8pm at Rama Institute, LES for a sound journey with Charles and Athena.

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What we do


Founders Charles and Athena offer sound journeys and guided meditations intended to relax the body and ignite the imagination. 


We create wellness format that includes multiple practitioners and integrates live healing music. 



"That was phenomenal. Your voice is so beautiful yet so strong. The meditation guided me into such deep places of my being. I cannot thank you enough for this experience." Nataly, The Assemblage

"I don't know anyone doing what you are doing. This is what our world needs right now. Thank you." Daniella, The Assemblage

"All I can say is WOW WOW WOW WOW. I never thought I had the ability to receive so deeply and so gently. I am truly transformed by today's workshop." Ariana, Tribeca

"Omg! I had so much fun!!! What a beautiful gathering! I absolutely admire what you are doing. I love how you created a space where different worlds collide and intertwine with love and the simple joy of being alive and together. " Magda, The Assemblage

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