s. P. A. SOUND permeates all

Sound as an architect

Sound is the vibratory resonance that architects all, from your body to the patterns of this universe. 

The above is an image called a "cymatic" which shows the physical resonance of a sound vibration.  Sound creates harmonious patterns and vibration out of tune creates imbalanced patterns. These patterns become our thoughts, our posture, our being. Sound is a way to tune the body, the greatest instrument of all.

Today we face more foreign vibrational frequencies than our ancestors could have imagined.  As we are bodies of water, all frequencies ripples into our being and affect us. Brainwaves and the nervous system entrain themselves, or match the sound and vibrational waves present. By presenting the body with powerful harmonious sound waves we offer the systems an opportunity to realign and release stagnation and kinks in their waveform. 

 Cell phones and wifi in our homes emit constant frequencies that dimish our body's natural abilities to restore. Outside the home 3G, 4G and 5G radiation is mutating cellular reproduction in many species, some believe humans too. Sound is perhaps the most powerful agent we have to address the source of dis-ease, a disharmony in our resonant frequency. 



We are beings made up of water and running with electricity. Our circuitry can go out of sync and when it does this imbalance leads to dis-ease. With the help of overtone instruments (gongs, singing bowls, and tuning forks) we ease the body into entrainment, a synchronization of the nervous system and brain hemispheres that signals the body to begin healing. This still point is the basis for cellular restoration and energetic balance. 

Resarch and references into sound healing