sound bath

public Sound Baths

Wellness for anyone of any age and any level of ability. 

"I've tried meditation and yoga. Mostly when I do these things I feel bad about myself for messing them up. But here, with the sound, I went into a deep meditation within minutes and after less than an hour feel totally rejuvenated and great about myself! Thank you for this fantastic work!" - Danny at Sole East, Montauk

Sound healing is a direct way to access deep states of meditation. By simply listening to long harmonious waves of sound the nervous system relaxes then signaling the body that it is safe to regenerate. In this suspended state of relaxation the body can heal. 

In a unique combination of pure sound, guided meditation and  the Spa Ship Sound Journey relaxes the body, opens the mind and activates creative flow. 

Public events offered throughout the New York and Brooklyn area and we offer private sound baths for individuals and corporations.