sound healing infrared bio heat

Individual Vibrational Aligning

An integrative approach

Infared heat bio-mat, singing bowls, chimes, gong and you.

We invite you to our Greenpoint studio for individualized care. Stress is the number one cause of dis-ease. Creating a time to deeply relax is more than a feel good approach, it can have profound effects on your health and balance.  One session will have immediate effects, while a weekly session can bring long term lasting effects.

Sessions are 90 minutes and are typically performed one on one unless otherwise requested. Sessions include: 

Assessment and intention setting.

Client is invited to lay down (fully clothed).

Using polarity balancing and cranial sacral techniques the practitioner tunes into the client's bio-energetic field.

Sound and vibration are then used to help the body align and restore. 

Session ends with a cup of tea and brief integration.

Initial sessions are $150

Pack of 5 sessions is $500